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3 Steps to Absolute Abundance

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Brian D. Ridgway

I’m your host, Brian D. Ridgway. I’m an international bestselling author, speaker, and mentor. My guidance has helped over 170,217 people from 84 countries to thrive in all aspects of their lives

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This session is for everyone who struggles with finances. Especially for people who:

  • Never have enough money and barely make ends meet
  • Find that making money is hard and painful
  • Are stuck at a job or in business they hate and can’t move forward
  • Are completely broke and need help ASAP
  • Are hitting an income ceiling and can’t get past it
  • Know how to make money but are losing or wasting it all the time
  • Are rich and even wealthy - but are afraid of losing it or are suffering in other areas
  • Feel bad or anxious when they make more money
  • Want to finally end their money struggles and start living in abundance

I’ll Obliterate Myths About Money - And Help You See the Truth

About 98% of people who work with me say their biggest issue and desire at the same time is money.

They tell me about tons of different situations and problems related to money.

For some, making money is really hard.

Others ask me why they’re feeling bad about themselves when they make money - even though it’s what they want.

Some constantly make money and lose it - often in weird circumstances . . .

Many ask me why they can’t attract money - even if they practice the Law of Attraction . . .

And others simply ask me directly, what to do to transform their financial situation fast - and for good.

This is just a tiny fraction of all the conversations about money I’m having every week with people who work with me.

So since this is such a huge deal - I decided to host a free session . . .

Where everyone can join it, ask me questions and get my answers . . .

And get my battle-testes 3-step process to changing your financial reality.

If there was ever a “good” time to host this session - it clearly is now - due to what’s happening in the world.

So join me on Thursday April 7 - and discover the real root of your money problems . . .

And my simple process to changing it - no matter who you are, and where you are in life.

3 Abundance Personalities That Destroy Our Financial Situation
And How to Get Rid of It

After working with tens of thousands of people from all walks of life - I noticed a pattern.

I found that all of these people have fallen into one or two categories - when it comes to money.

No matter poor or wealthy, young or old, men or women . . . they all identified with one or two of them.

In fact, over the course of 3 years, I interviewed over 23,500 people and asked them about their experiences with money.

Guess what . . .

They all described experiences that matched these 3 categories I identified.

I call them Abundance Personalities.

Your abundance personality designs your entire experience related to money and abundance.

It unconsciously drives your every emotion, feeling and action when it comes to money.

In other words, it’s a hidden mechanism.

You’re not aware of it, yet it makes sure your financial situation
ALWAYS matches what this mechanism was programmed to do.

Identifying your abundance personality is the first step on your journey to liberate yourself from money struggles . . .

The next step is dismantling it so it stops bringing you more hell and money disasters . . .

And the third step is replacing it with an entirely new “subconscious program” that brings you more of what you want . . .

More money . . .

More happiness . . .

More health . . .

More abundance!

And I will show you how to do it all in this free session . . . so don’t hesitate and grab your free spot now - while it’s still available:

This is What Happens When You Follow My Proven Process

“For 30 Years, I Battled The Anxiety About Money. One Session With Brian Broke Me FREE!”
— Mitch Russo — Past President of Tony Robbins and Chet Holme's company "Business Breakthroughs Intl."

Justin Lachance

“The same day I received $3,330 - and got 3 new clients”


“Right after Brian walked me through the process, I had a phone call. So I picked it up and realized, I have just made $3,330 . . . just like that. Then, the phone rang 3 more times that day - and I got 3 new and enthusiastic people that wanted to do business with me! Before this, I had been totally stuck for months."

Justin Lachance

“In 3 days, I earned a totally unexpected $6,000”


The day after the session, I received an unexpected check for over $3,000. Two days after that, I closed a $30,000 sale which meant another $3,000 in the bank!"

Shira Addato

Stephanie Sterling

“My debt got canceled!”


"Over the course of two years, my money was gone and all of my opportunities had dried up. The morning after my first session with Brian, I got a call telling me that my entire 6-figures of debt had been completely eliminated. Gone. Truly miraculous results."

Stephanie Sterling

“12% pay increase a day after!”

12% pay increase a day after!

“$500 shows up while going through the process”

“$500 shows up while going through the process”

“No one ever gave me the hope I feel now!”

“No one ever gave me the hope I feel now!”

“Mind-blowing on the deepest level I have ever felt.”

“Mind-blowing on the deepest level I have ever felt.”

“So wonderful to purchase a beautiful piece of land and home for my daughter and her fiance.”

“So wonderful to purchase a beautiful piece of land and home for my daughter and her fiance.”

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • What really causes all the money problems in our life. I’ll show you how to nail the exact root.
  • A simple 3-step process that eliminates subconscious thoughts, traumas and frozen emotions that ruin your financial situation. No complicated routines. No planning required. And even the busiest people easily find time to follow it.
  • What to do to stay calm and make perfect financial decisions even in stressful situations. This is super important especially right now, to make sure you don’t fall into the “poverty trap” again.
  • How to apply my technique to other areas of your life - and finally have all the love, joy and health that you want - and deserve to have!
  • And much more!

Experience Your Own Abundance Freedom
And Enjoy Every Second of Your Life

This live session will take approximately 90 minutes - this includes about 15 - 20 minutes of Q&A.

I’m giving this presentation 100% free. Yet it doesn’t mean I’ll cut corners or hold anything back. I never do that.

It will be like a mentoring sessions I normally have with my own clients.

I’ll be answering your questions . . . I’ll be sharing my insights . . .

I might even invite someone to come on live with me to share their problems and allow me to help.

Every minute of our time together will be jam-packed with practical insights. Insights that help you solve your money issues and live in abundance.

Join me for one of the most important presentations you’ll see in 2022. Hurry, the replay comes down on Sunday April 10, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time: