How to Manifest Love Fast? Debbie Did That in Just 12 Days!

May XX, 2021
By Brian D. Ridgway

Debbie Hasler

For 29 years, Debbie lived in broken relationships. She tried everything, including the law of attraction to change it, but nothing worked.

For 29 years, Debbie Hasler lived in broken relationships. She tried everything to change it but nothing worked . . . Until she found the ultimate solution that showed her how to manifest love fast. She did it in just 12 days.

In this article, I’ll tell you Debbie’s story and I’ll show you what this solution is. It will be especially useful if you’ve tried many different ways to improve your relationship - but nothing worked.

As you’ll soon see - Debbie was a very spiritual person. 

She tried the law of attraction. She read dozens of books. She visualized. She meditated and even joined temples to pray for change - yet nothing worked. 

Nothing, except for the one last solution she found after 29 years of living in broken relationships.

Besides Debbie, this discovery has helped thousands of women to become happy in their relationships. That’s why I’m absolutely confident it can help you manifest love into your life - faster than you probably imagine.

She Was 16 Years Old When She Experienced Her First Disappointment

Debbie’s love adventures (or misadventures) began when she was 16. 

She had fallen in love with a boy who treated her as an object. But she was head over heels in love with him. They broke up a few times in the next few years . . . but always somehow ended up together again.

Debbie’s love issues began early — when she was 16 years old.

Debbie’s love issues began early — when she was 16 years old.

After each breakup, Debbie spent weeks getting her self-esteem up again. And when she thought she’d never fall in love with this guy . . . He came back, giving her false hope - and Debbie fell into his trap again.

When she finally became free from feelings for him, she thought that she’d finally find the “right” guy. Boy, was she wrong. First, she found it hard to even meet a guy whom she liked. But once she met a “possible candidate” and they started dating, their relationship would end in weeks.

She lived like that for many long years. Her daily life was filled with broken hope, frustration and misery. She wanted to find love. She wanted to find a decent man who’d care about her. 

Yet, she felt as if some invisible force prevented her from manifesting true love.

She Struggled To Manifest Love

Debbie tried different solutions to get out of this limbo. She was always very spiritual so she joined temples. She bought and read dozens of books about manifesting, law of attraction, and other similar techniques.

She did visualization exercises. She learned how to manifest from many different sources. She meditated and spent lots of time trying to improve her love life.

sad woman

Debbie tried all sorts of solutions to improve her relationships and manifest love. To her despair, nothing brought her a lasting change.

At one point, Debbie figured she must have had some limiting beliefs about men and love in general. So she followed the popular “belief-elimination techniques.” Again - nothing changed.

She was devastated. She couldn’t believe that even such powerful techniques like the law of attraction couldn’t help her manifest love. After 29 years of living like that she almost lost hope . . . and then a miracle happened.

Missing “Detail” That Made All the Change

Debbie found out that all the techniques she practiced were incomplete. That’s why, after such a long time, she couldn’t manifest love. These techniques focused either on changing her energy - or dealing with her beliefs. Yet none of them addressed the real issue that was much deeper.

So deep in fact, that she had no clue it existed. Yet this issue was so powerful - it created the feeling as if some invisible force prevented her from attracting love. Once she became aware of it - she addressed the real root of her relationship issues.

12 days later, a guy from her past re-entered her life. He reached out to her saying that he remembered her from school. So they began meeting and soon, they developed feelings.

Months later, their feelings grew even stronger, and Debbie said she’s amazed by the connection they have. She says she has never felt so safe opening up in front of a guy and being so honest and real with him.

happy couple

This little-known insight made all the difference in Debbie’s life

Yet to her amazement, her honesty draws him even closer to her. And this very guy embodies all the features of a perfect man Debbie always wanted to be with.

What made such a big difference in her life?

Hidden Mechanism That Prevented Her From Manifesting Love

Debbie realized that behind all her “failures”, there was a hidden mental mechanism that caused it all. This mechanism works like a “mind virus” - it silently infects your thoughts, beliefs and ideas. And it literally turns your mind against you.

What’s really crazy, you don’t even know that this is happening. Because this virus works on the deepest levels of your subconscious. So all the “infected” thoughts, reactions and ideas seem like natural ones to you.

You believe that it is you doing it all - yet all these reactions are programmed by the “mind virus”, causing you to perform them unconsciously, automatically.  

Over the course of our lives, especially during childhood, our minds were flooded with thousands of such “viruses” without us even knowing. 

And whenever you want to achieve something that’s not in line with your “mind viruses” and the illusions created by them . . . They immediately block you from achieving it . . . And you don’t even know that’s the case. 


  • You think that either all men are jerks
  • Or that there’s something wrong with you . . .
  • While in reality, it’s your “mind viruses” that are behind all that suffering!

They’re like the DNA code. Your height, health, the color of your hair and eyes, and so on - it’s all written in your DNA code.

So if you’re blonde and not dark-haired - it’s obviously not your “fault”. It’s what’s encoded in your DNA. 

In a similar way, your reactions, thoughts and emotions are encoded by your “mind viruses.” And they dictate your experience in relation to love, self-esteem, men, relationships . . . All without your conscious control.

unhappy woman

It’s not your fault that you’re unhappy in your relationship. If you still haven’t manifested love, it’s probably because of your “mind viruses.”

Whenever some current event triggers your “mind viruses” - they make you unconsciously react. Always in the same way, always causing the same kind of outcome - over and over again. Until you finally remove them - just like Debbie did.

For example:

  • When someone compliments your great work, your “mind virus” may push you to answer that you “just got lucky”. Because you’re programmed to unconsciously believe that you’re not worthy of such compliments.
  • When you receive more money, your “mind virus” may push you to find ways to spend it all on some useless things. Or it may cause you to feel like a fraud.
  • When you find a guy who truly loves you, your “mind virus” can cause you to shut down emotionally. Turning you into a seemingly cold and distant person, because deep down you feel that you don’t deserve love.
  • Or, when you find a man you’re attracted to, your “mind virus” can make you feel fanatical about him. It can make you clingy and insecure - because you’re unconsciously scared of becoming lonely.

So if you find yourself struggling to manifest love - this is the ultimate reason why. It is your “mind virus” - or even hundreds of them, keeping you from finding true love.

Debbie proves this to be true. Along with her, there are thousands of other women who have also been able to experience a deep, lasting change in their relationships. 

How to Manifest Love Fast - The Ultimate Answer

Some, just like Debbie, found amazing guys who truly love them. Some “made” their partners and husbands change. And some found the courage to end a painful relationship they were in and finally become truly happy.

They were able to manifest love with a specific person . . . They improved relationships with their kids, parents and friends . . . And they even enhanced their relations with co-workers, managers and their boss.

That’s why I hope this article proved helpful to you and has shown you, what is really causing issues in your relationships. Knowing this information, you can finally start manifesting love . . . and experience results so fast, they may surprise you.

Discover the Antidote To Your “Mind Viruses”

Debbie followed a specific process that allowed her to erase her mind viruses - and manifest a wonderful man in just 12 days. If you’d like to discover this process and how to use it, I describe it in my new book - “Your Perfect Man”.

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