Break Your Spells to Become Free And Create the Life That You Want

July 21, 2022

From: Kona, Hawaii

80 and Raining

Aloha fellow freedom seeker,

Thank you SO much for connecting!

Here are the details about the “Break Your Spells” program for you: Every Tuesday, at 12 noon PT / 8 pm UK, starting July 31 for 8 weeks,

I’ll be meeting with a group of like-minded people to Spellbreak each and every issue they want to solve.

It can be related to money… health… relationships… self-esteem… work… parenting… literally anything…

With one goal in mind:

To Spellbreak (aka dissolve) everything that’s holding them back from getting what they want! 

What is Spellbreaking?

It’s a counterintuitive technique that breaks you free from fears, “mental blocks”, and harmful beliefs that cause your problems and keep you stuck in life.

By asking you a set of simple questions, first I uncover the REAL root of your problems.

This is critical because very few people know what this root really is.

They have some thoughts and opinions on what it is — but only when I ask them these questions, they’re able to truly nail it.

Once we know the REAL root of your problems, I then ask you another set of questions that erase it from your unconscious mind — by questioning it and “hacking your mind” to completely drop this harmful belief, trauma or “block”.

At the same time, I get you to release the emotions stored in your body that are entangled with these harmful thoughts.

Because as you’ll soon see in the program, I always ask you to feel the sensations in your body, as I walk you through Spellbreaking.

This very sensation is that emotion that you have to release, to completely erase all these harmful thoughts from your mind and body.

This is how Spellbreaking breaks you free from your problems for good. The entire process takes about 15-30 minutes and usually, people see the first outcomes in 2-7 days. Some even see it instantly, right on the session.

I invented this process after 30 years of reading books, studying psychology and self-help, attending conferences and events, and talking to thousands of experts, gurus, and healers.

So far, this simple but unique process has helped 160,361 people from 84 countries to thrive in all aspects of their lives

“It helped me erase 6-figures of debt”

"Over the course of two years, my money was gone, and all of my opportunities had dried up. The morning after my first session, I got a call telling me that my entire 6-figures of debt had been completely eliminated. Gone. Truly miraculous results."

— Stephanie Sterling

"It has led to me releasing scoliosis I had for the previous 30 years. This is a literal miracle.”

— Erica Hooft

“More clients approaching me, different opportunities, doors opening, I’m more calm”

— Tallulah Fry

“I’ve learned more from Brian in a few days than in 30 years of studying self-help”

“After 30 years of studying and applying self-help techniques, I can honestly tell you that most self-help guru's leave stuff out of their teachings (either on purpose or because they really just learned a flawed system themselves) but not Brian.

I have learned more from him in a few days than I learned from all those other people combined.”

— Doug Abney

“Brian’s work may be the only one that’s really worth it”

“I have been in the personal development arena for 30 years. It has been a painful and frustrating journey that cost me easily over $100,000. If you would do anything to attain your freedom, do yourself a favor and make an exception for Brian’s work, because it may be the only one that's really worth it.”

— Jill Hendrickson

“Brian’s the real deal!”

“After well over 30 years of self-help books, I stumbled upon Brian. This was the most amazing experience and felt so many things. If you’re wondering, “Is this for real?” . . . This is the real deal! Just open your mind.”

— Misha Ichikawa

“In just minutes, Brian can change your life”

“In just minutes Brian can change your life. I have had many encounters with Brian and, every time, I have discovered something new of who I am. If you want to be free of the false self that you think you are, Brian is the go-to.”

— Carol Ann Snyder

“Within 15 minutes after our session, a miracle manifested”

“Incredible work! Within 15 minutes of finishing our session, a miracle manifested. Could it be this simple—the answer is YES. When you choose to be supported by Brian—you are re- minded and will remember who you truly are.”

— Dr. David Gawain

“The best at helping people get to the core of their problems”

“I’ve sought out and worked with the best of the best. Brian is the best I have ever seen at helping people get to the core of their problems and solve them.”

— Blake R. Goodwin

So, what will we do in the “Break Your Spells” program?

Let me start by telling you what we won’t be doing.

We won’t be going through any courses and teachings.

We won’t be setting goals and discussing for hours how to achieve them.

We also won’t be doing any daily routines, meditations, or any other additional actions.

Instead, during these 8 sessions, we will focus on Spellbreaking. Which means we’ll be getting to the exact roots of your problems — and dissolving them once and for all.

These sessions are usually 90 minutes long… but sometimes, we stretch them to 2 or even 3 hours, when I know it’s beneficial for you.

You’ll bring your issues to me — and I will help you dissolve them for good, just like I do for my 1on1 clients.

And here’s something truly mind blowing…

You see, I’ll be also doing Spellbreaks for other participants in this program - yet all these Spellbreaks will also be done for YOU.

How is this possible?

Well, I first noticed it about 10 years ago, when I launched my first webinar.

I started getting messages from people who watched the replay… and got their own miracles happening for them… despite that it was “just” a replay… and I was working with a different person.

Similarly, when I did a live Spellbreak for someone during the webinar - people who watched it also experienced a huge shift in their lives.

For example, I did a money Spellbreak for Justin Lachance - who, the very same day, received three unexpected calls from people wanting to do business with him.

Kate Potsma was watching this very Spellbreak.

After the session, she noticed her typical back pain was gone…

And the next day, she woke up with a straight spine and no pain whatsoever…

Which meant, her 20-year battle with scoliosis was OVER.

(And she has X-rays to prove it).

So as you can see - ALL the Spellbreaks within this group will be priceless for you…

There’s just one “catch” - you have to be PRESENT during the session, or when watching the replay.

That’s because only in presence you stop all the thoughts… judgments… and expectations…

And you’re open to change - and allow this change to happen FOR you.

Apart from that, we’re all One, right?

So since we’re ONE - it’s clear that when I help someone else… I automatically help you, too.

And lastly - the roots of our problems are universal, but they may reflect differently in our lives.

It’s clear that Justin and Kate had the same root of their issues…

Yet for Justin, it reflected as money problems…

And for Kate, it twisted her spine and made her suffer for over two decades.

Now, they both are free… and you will be, too, when you join this powerful yet super-affordable program.

I personally GUARANTEE you’ll get amazing results… transformations… and shifts not just from the Spellbreaks I’ll do with you… but from every other Spellbreak in this program.

For these people who join us, these sessions will be like breaking the chain that ties them to the heavy steel ball. 

Thanks to Spellbreaking, I know exactly where to hit so the chain cracks, letting you finally become free to create the life that you want.

- Spellbreaking helped Kate Potsma let go of severe scoliosis she battled for two decades.

Kate broke her Spells.

- It helped Christie Appleton drop 68 pounds, stop her drug addiction, and heal broken relationships with her two daughters.

Christie broke her Spells.

- It helped Jack Vidal to heal a life-long relationship issue — and when he did, as a “side effect,” he doubled his business in just a few weeks.

Jack broke his Spells.

- It helped Vee Comstock melt away PTSD. It was in 2016, and she had no new episode since.

Vee broke her Spells.

- It helped Willie Crawford break through the income level he was stuck at and gradually earn more money.

Willie broke his Spells…

And you will break your Spells, too.

In my experience, people spend years in self-help - and they’re still struggling. 

They still feel stuck in some areas of their lives. 

And they don’t know WHAT holds them back, and how to eliminate it - which drives them crazy.

The great thing about these sessions is that after the first seconds of listening to you - I’ll know EXACTLY what’s holding you back from getting what you want.

From this time on, I’ll focus all my attention and energy on eliminating this obstacle from your life - allowing miracles to happen.

This is all possible thanks to my unique gift I discovered when I was 3. 

Today, this gift is the core of my work that makes it so powerful. 

And I’ll be using this gift all the time during our sessions - to help you achieve the most magical breakthroughs in your life.

Because I guarantee that you’ll receive a lot of my personal attention . . .

And plenty of Spellbreaks during our 8 weeks together.

The enrollment closes on Monday, July 25, at 11:59 PM!

It would be awesome if you could join us for 8 weekly sessions full of breakthroughs and miracles.

Just show up, bring up your issues - and I’ll help you make them gone - for good.

To dissolve these challenges, you don’t have to do any additional work, learn any new things or set new goals.

This group is not about more knowledge and practice.

It’s all about dissolving the deepest unconscious issues that are holding you back.

And because I’ll reach to the very root of these issues - they’ll be gone for good.

This means you’ll experience a lasting shift in your life. 

Not something that will improve your life for a few days and then everything will return “back to normal.”


The change will last - because you’ll be liberated from your Spells that were causing all the troubles.

“10 years did nothing to help me… One week after meeting Brian, everything changed”

“I've spent the past 10+ years and more money than I want to remember, trying to fix my trainwreck of a life. Within a week of consuming Brian's book, videos and Spellbreaks, I will never be the same again.”

— Becky Kratzer

“Brian leaves no stone unturned”

“After over 30 years studying self-help tapes, books, courses, and getting to the "almost" . . . I found Brian and I am so happy I did. Brian leaves no stone unturned, and I have had quite a few breakthroughs from listening to his work.”

— Obie Warren

“The most amazing thing that ever happened to me”

“I first was exposed to Brian D Ridgway’s book, which connected with me. His work was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me in 30 years of self-help journey.”

— Larry Moseley

“After one session my relationship has improved… and my business doubled!”

“I hired Brian for one session to help me with a long-term relationship issue. Not only did Brian over deliver on his promise, but immediately afterward, my business literally doubled without me working any harder.”

— Jack Vidal

“No words to express my gratitude to Brian”

“For over 40 years, I've been into self-help work. I was getting out some insights or tools, but never revolutionizing my mindset . . . Until when I met Brian. Thanks to him, I get more and more connected with the Source. Day by day, I'm becoming more of who I Am. No words to express my gratitude to Brian.”

— Viviane Eeraerts

“Brian’s is the only person I endorse”

“I’ve trained over 5000 coaches and run one of the most successful coaching companies in the world. I’ve also spent over $800,000 on my own personal and professional development. There is only one person in the world I endorse - Brian D. Ridgway. No one does what he does.”

— Terri Levine

“Brian completely changed my life”

“Brian completely changed my life. My income, my relationships, my confidence. It is amazing.”

— Carie Jackson

“In less than an hour, the grief after the passing of my husband was gone”

“The list of things Brian has helped me with—and the speed of his work—is incredible. In less than an hour, the grief I carried from the passing of my first husband was gone. Completely gone. I had tried so many things, but his work is just amazing. Next, I had been on medication for Restless Leg Syndrome for over ten years. With Brian’s ‘magic,’ I was able to drop the medication and do my own inner healing.”

— Pallavi Kapoor

“After the first session, I have already had more money coming in.”

— Christie Appleton

“He helps you gain CLARITY”

“Brian has a genuine gift and can help you quickly gain that CLARITY you are needing. I’d say work with him before he gets too well known.”

— Tom Beal

Bryan Dulaney had a similar experience. He said:

“After spending over $50,000 on personal development, I was skeptical. But then I got more in one hour working with Brian than from all those years of inner work. Amazing stuff.”

Heck, even Mitch Russo — a business partner of Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes . . .

A guy by many considered to be a huge financial success.

But even he struggled with money.

He lived in fear that he might lose his wealth and was anxious about it.

And this anxiety stole the joy of living his life.

He couldn’t deal with it — even though he had access to one of the best personal development gurus on the planet.

But there’s one thing that broke him free in a single hour after decades of suffering.

It’s Spellbreaking.

I’m not saying personal development doesn’t work. 

It does - though it often leaves the biggest, deepest issues untouched . . . 

And through my 46 years of inner work, I discovered how to dissolve these issues by using Spellbreaking.

I’ve done this for tens of thousands of people from 84 countries and I know I can do the same for you.

Normally, people pay up to $3,333 for a single 1 on 1 session with me.

However, this “Break Your Spells” program is WAY more affordable.

That’s because I want as many people to get my help as possible.

So you don’t need to invest $3,333.

Not even half of that, in fact.

Instead, you can join it today for just $99 down… and test it for 30 days.

If you’re not happy, just let me know and I’ll take your name off the participants list - and you won’t need to pay any extra fees.

Just keep in mind that this $99 is non-refundable - because for this tiny investment, you get access to 4 live Spellbreaking sessions.

And when you love this program and want to continue - then it’s just 9 payments of $99.

If you’re ready to finally break free from all kinds of struggles and worries and create the life of your dreams, just click this button, choose the preferred payment option and join us NOW:

If you’re ready to finally break free from all kinds of struggles and worries and create the life of your dreams.

Just click this button, choose the preferred payment option and join us NOW:

Love and awesomeness,

Brian D. Ridgway