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Welcome To Your New Beginning

Please Watch this Welcome Video From Brian D. Ridgway While Your Account is Being Created to Discover How to Get Rid of Your Problems Instantly - And Guarantee They Never Come Back

Brian D. Ridgway

Aloha my new friend - this is Brian D. Ridgway. 

I want to thank and congratulate you for picking up my book “Your New Beginning.”

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I Want To Share With You A Super Important 5-Minute Process That Guarantees Your Problems Will Never Ruin Your Life Again 

Why is this so important?

You see, with my book, you’ll start breaking free from your problems.

As you do this, your subconscious mind will start “thinking” that something’s wrong… 

Because you’ll be doing something different…

Something new…

Something you’ve never done before.

You’ll become happier… calmer… and more successful…

So, your subconscious mind will figure out that you’re out of normal…

And it’ll force you back to your “normal” state.

In other words… 

Your Mind Will Bring All Your Problems, Unwanted Feelings And Stagnation
Back Into Your Life

This is called Homeostasis and it’s a very important process that balances your body.

For example, when your body temperature rises, homeostasis kicks in to bring it back to the healthy 98.6 degrees. 

Or, when your blood sugar is high, homeostasis gets your body to release insulin to bring it down to a healthy level.

In other words, homeostasis works as a master “thermostat” - that makes sure you’re always in perfect balance.

This also applies to your mind…

Especially when you want to transform your life…

And shift from sadness, frustration and fear, to happiness, abundance and high self-esteem.



Because After So Many Years Of Living In Society… And Listening To Your Parents… Teachers… Friends… And “Authority Figures”... You’ve Shaped Your Subconscious Identity

Your identity is a collection of unconscious beliefs, ideas, traumas, emotions and habits…

That drives your thoughts, actions and emotions in your everyday life.

In fact, neuroscientists found that your identity is responsible for 95% of your decisions…

And that you’re making these decisions unconsciously, like on autopilot.

That’s why you find yourself repeating the same patterns in your life, over and over again…

Because your identity subconsciously drives you to do or say certain things, bringing you the same outcomes all the time.

So when you start doing things that aren’t in line with your identity…

For example, when you follow my book and shift from sadness to happiness… start making more money… or when you lose weight…

Your Brain Turns On Homeostasis That Forces You Back To Your Old Life And Problems As Fast As Possible

That’s why it’s SO important for you to completely dismantle your old identity when you’re breaking free from your problems with my book…

So that homeostasis doesn’t kick in…

And doesn’t pull you back into your old life again.

That’s why I prepared a powerful 5-minute process that allows you to dismantle your old identity…

Switch off homeostasis…

And stop your mind from pulling you back to your old life, habits and events you don’t want to experience anymore.

Thanks to this process, you’ll create a new identity.

An identity of abundance… happiness… love… and great health…

Which will be a truly mind-blowing experience…

Because FINALLY, your mind will work FOR you…
NOT against you…

And your problems will be gone, for good.

So, what is this 5-minute process?

I call it “Your New Identity Process.”

I developed this process 8 years ago when I wanted to transform my relationship.

You see, I spent 38 years researching relationships . . .

I invested thousands of dollars on books, courses, meeting with counselors, visiting psychologists, and going to different events on relationships…

And despite all my hard work and all the knowledge I had, I couldn’t build a true relationship.

Today I know it was because of my old identity that kept drawing me back to my misery.

Back then, I had no idea about it.

However, after 38 years full of pain and frustration, in 2013, I came up with this 5-minute process.

After a few days of following it, I met a woman who I created my first truly serious relationship with, based on love and respect…

And my relationships with my 6 kids improved, too.

I had never been as close with any of them as I am now.

And The Reason For It Is That This Single Process Has Helped Me Dismantle My Old Identity For Good

After I developed it, I then spent the next 8 years improving and polishing it up, until I was ready to release it.

And when I did…

This is what happened:

Debbie Hasler

“Just 12 days in . . . It’s been a MIRACLE!”

“After 12 days of practicing, a man from my past re-entered my life. I’ve never felt so seen and understood.”

Debbie Hasler

Lisa Cloud

“He is a different man now!”

“After a few days, my partner surprisingly came back to me CHANGED. I had never said a word about the process to my partner, but he literally came back full of the things I had focused on in the process!”

Lisa Cloud

Christie Appleton

“I restored broken relationships with my two daughters!”

“Thanks to this process, for the first time in my life, I found out how to truly love myself and:

Ended a completely failed, 14-year relationship

Lost 68 pounds

Stopped taking pain pills
I’d been addicted to for 15 years

Restored broken relationships with my 12 and 20-year-old daughters”

Christie Appleton

Deborah Sakamoto

“I instantly found the most wonderful man!”

“I ended a non-ideal relationship and almost immediately met the cutest, most wonderful man.”

Deborah Sakamoto

Pallavi Kapoor

“In less than an hour, the grief over the passing of my husband was gone”

“In less than an hour, the grief I’d carried from the passing of my first husband was gone. Completely gone. I had tried so many things, but this process is just amazing.”

Pallavi Kapoor

Caron Prins

“I thought my relationship was amazing . . . now it’s even better!”

I thought my relationship with my partner was AMAZING. Now we are going to new levels I wasn't expecting. He notices the difference as well and is using more conscious words. As I learn he follows suit. I share everything with him. I love this man so much.

Caron Prins

As you can see, people absolutely love this simple 5-minute process and the results it delivers.

The best part is - you can adapt it to any subject or area of your life…

And it will work just as well, because…

The Way You Dismantle Your Old Identity And Unlock Your Mind
To New Possibilities Is Always The Same…

No Matter If You Want To Transform Your Relationships… Financial Situation… Health… Or Anything Else

So how does it work?

Well, it’s very easy.

You just have to answer 4 simple questions and write down your answers.

The first two questions give you 100% clarity on what you REALLY want.

At the same time, these questions reach your subconscious mind and help you clear your mental blocks, harmful beliefs and frozen emotions that build your identity…

The identity that holds you back from getting what you want.

The other two questions help you introduce powerful new cleansing ideas and feelings in the place of the old, stale, unwanted ones.

In other words, they install a new identity that starts influencing your thoughts and actions…

So You Can Stop Suffering From Your Problems And Start Getting What You Want!

Each time you follow this process, your subconscious mind becomes more and more open to new possibilities and opportunities that are available to you.

From living on “autopilot” and being driven by your harmful beliefs and old identity…

You’ll start living consciously, always in control of your thoughts, emotions and feelings…

Always creating more of what you want.

Along with this process, I’m giving you a short explainer video that walks you through it - and shows you how to follow it for maximum results in minimum time.

And that’s not all you get…

Because I’m also giving you 7 video recordings of my 1-on-1 sessions with other people…

So You Can Dissolve Your Most Burning Problems Instantly
Even Before You Start Reading The Book

That’s because in these videos, I’m helping people break free from their problems by following the exact same process I show you in the Your New Beginning book.

I’ve carefully chosen the topics of these 7 sessions so they cover a wide range of problems, to help you eliminate them once and for all.

These include money, health, relationships, weight loss, self-love, self-esteem, business and anxiety, stress and bad mood.

This means you can pick the recording that best matches your problem, and see how I’m breaking people free from this problem for good…

And By Simply Following The Process In The Video,
You’ll Get Your Own Breakthrough

Just become present, act as I’m working with you, and follow my guidance - and you’ll transform your life, just like:

  • Justin Lachance - who got his first high-paying clients after months of stagnation…
  • Kate Postma - who found relief from scoliosis after 20 years of unsuccessful therapies…
  • Vee Comstock - who in 2016, became free from PTSD and never had another episode again…
  • Jack Vidal - who solved his life-long relationship problem and doubled his business…
  • And 160,361 other people just like you.

And finally, there’s one more thing you get.

It’s something that helps you unlearn the old “truths” about life that are the foundation of your old identity… to further guarantee your problems never come back…

And that you’re not creating new ones as you move forward.

It’s a bundle of my famous audio processes.

These audio recordings are similar to guided meditations but way more advanced.

Being a professional musician, I know how sounds influence our minds.

And after over four decades of testing different sounds and frequencies…

I know exactly how to use them to help you become present and get amazing results…

Just by listening to these audio files.

Just Put Your Headphones On And Listen To Them To Absorb All The Healing Thoughts, New Beliefs And Fresh Ideas…

To Make Sure You Don’t Default To Your Problems Again
And Are Not Creating New Ones In The Future

These audio processes include:

The Money Freedom Process 3.0 - the most famous of all my audio processes that helped thousands of people transform their relationship with money, get out of debt, and earn more than ever before

The Breath of Light Process 2.0 - use this process whenever you need clarity or are about to make an important decision.

This process helps you reach the “source”, and tap into its wisdom to help you make better choices.

The Relationship Release Process - this audio process helps you let go of old relationships that might still sit in your mind, still making you miserable in your current relationship.

This includes letting go of unhealthy relationships with your parents, friends or ex-partner, and even to find peace after losing a loved one

The Pain Release Process - use this process to release physical pain from your body… Which often is caused by your emotions.

No matter how strong the pain is or where it comes from, listen to this process and feel how the pain leaves your body.

In total, you’re about to get:

  • The “Your New Identity Process” that installs a new identity that saves you from going back to your “old” life and problems.
  • 7 Video Recordings of My 1-on-1 Sessions to get your own breakthroughs 9 times faster.
  • A Bundle of 4 of My Most Famous Audio Processes to remain problem-free and reprogram your mind to help you get what you want.

I call this entire package “Your New Beginning Fast Forward”.

Because with it…

You’ll Let Go Of Your Problems, Traumas, Emotions And Mental Blocks Almost Instantly…

Even Before You Start Reading The Book…

And by using “Your New Identity Process”, you’ll make sure that your problems don’t come back…

And that you’re not creating new ones in the future.

So you don’t need to spend hours… days… or weeks trying to figure it out yourself…

You can get “Your New Beginning Fast Forward” now, and experience your first breakthrough in the next 30 minutes!

Every time you use this easy “Fast Forward” system, you’ll notice your life becomes so much easier…

That you become happier…

And that all the frustration, anxiety and struggle simply melt away…

You’ll Also Realize That You’re Getting Less And Less
Of The Things You Don’t Want To Have!

  • For example, if you’re tired of struggling with money, you’ll find that making money comes to you more easily and that you feel great about having money…
  • If you don’t want constant arguments with your partner, you’ll find that you indeed have fewer and fewer of them, and that you communicate more consciously…
  • Or if you don’t want to suffer from weight gain or other health symptoms, you’ll notice you become slimmer, healthier, stronger, and happier…

That’s because you’re breaking the real roots that caused these things to happen in your life.

That’s why “Your New Beginning Fast Forward” is a perfect addition to your copy of “Your New Beginning” because it shows you how to apply all the insights from this book…

And adds a critical part about changing your subconscious identity, so that your mind never forces you back into your “old life” again.

So, How Do You Claim “Fast Forward”?

Normally, to get everything that’s included in “Fast Forward”, you’d need to invest $495.

And for the value you get from it - it would be an absolute bargain.

However, as I’ll show you in a moment, you’re not going to invest anything even remotely close to that.

Right now, let me ask you this:

Would you invest $495 if you knew your biggest problems will melt away even in 30 minutes?

I bet you would.

It would be a small price to pay compared with the cost of doing nothing…

And losing your best years suffering from all sorts of problems that steal your happiness, health, and true potential.

However, you’re not going to invest anything even remotely close to $495 to add it to your order.

You just purchased my book and I’m grateful for that.

That’s why I prepared this one-time special offer for you.

Only on this page, and just this one time, you get “Your New Beginning Fast Forward” not for $495…

Not for $295…

Not even for $195.

Instead, you can add it to your order for just $95 - and save 81% (that’s $400 you’ll save!).

And you’ll have instant access to it - so you can start following this proven system in the next 2 minutes . . .

And changing your life faster and more effortlessly than ever before!

Especially Because You’re Getting It 100% Risk-Free

When you get “Your New Beginning Fast Forward” today, you’re protected by my 180-day Money Back Guarantee.

Add it to your order now, and follow this simple system.

If at any time you're not satisfied, simply call or email our fast-acting, friendly customer support, for an instant refund of your purchase.

No questions asked! 

Jennifer Morris

You will get what you want each time

“I can’t recommend working with Brian enough in whatever capacity works for you, you will get exactly what you need each time.”

Jennifer Morris

Patti Larsen

For the first time ever I’m free

“If you’re reading this and have any doubt, I swear I’m just like you. I’ve been down this road, I’m as skeptical (and hopeful) as the next person desperately seeking the answer to a question I wasn’t even asking correctly. For the first time ever, and I don’t say this lightly, I’m free. <3 Thank you, Brian.”

Patti Larsen

Cheryl Ellerbee

Brian’s work is amazing!

“Brian helped me with issues I didn’t even realize I had. His work in any form is amazing!”

Cheryl Ellerbee

Karen Praksti

Life-changing information you won’t find anywhere else

“Brian always over delivers with real life-changing information that you won’t find anywhere else. His teachings are alive and I listen to them over and over with more results each time. This is your chance, grab it. I know you will love him too!”

Karen Praksti

Tracy Keough

1 hour with Brian has changed my marriage

“Prior to finding Brian’s work, my relationship of 22 years hit a crossroad. We had been 2 months into marital counseling with several hours daily doing relationship workbooks and youtube videos. 1 hour replay of Brian’s session made all the difference in my perception of my marriage and the challenges we were facing.“

Tracy Keough

Now, John Lennon once said: ”Life passes you by while you’re busy planning.”

Don’t let your life pass you by while you’re busy budgeting.

Because Now, You No Longer Have A Problem…
Now, You Have A Solution

And that solution comes with a choice…

The choice to either ignore everything I just told you and continue trying to fix your life the hard way…

Trying another bunch of techniques that do nothing to free you from your problems…

Hoping that eventually, in the years to come, you might become free…


You can choose to add “Your New Beginning Fast Forward” to your order and completely reshape your entire life to:

  • Break free from your problems and guarantee they never come back.
  • Succeed in every area of your life and get what you want easily.
  • And finally, become free to live up to your true potential, enjoy all the beautiful moments… and live the best years of your life.

Right now your chance to get access to this transformative experience is right under this sentence:

See that button above?

All you have to do is click it because…

That click is the only thing standing between you and removing your problems for good…

That click is the only thing standing between you and living your life to the fullest, having all the money you want, and thriving in love and great health…

And that click is the only thing standing between you and getting full control over your life.

So, Click That Button Now And Set Yourself Free
To Experience All That Magic

My work has helped Christie Appleton end her addiction to painkillers… heal her relationships with her 2 daughters… And drop 68 pounds.

Or Willie Crawford.

He was fairly successful but hit an income ceiling he couldn’t overcome.

After years of financial stagnation, he had enough and thought he wouldn't be able to make it…

And thanks to my processes, he broke free from this limit and now makes more money than ever before.

I know that you can become the next success story like that.

And I know “Your New Beginning Fast Forward” is the fastest and easiest way for you to get there!

And only on this page, you can get it for just $95 and save 81%!

Plus, you’re protected by my 180-day Money Back Guarantee

So click the button below to add “Your New Beginning Fast Forward” to your order.

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So one more time - click the button below right now:

Thank you and Aloha.