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Brian D. Ridgway

Aloha, Beautiful Soul!

I’m Brian D Ridgway. I love you, and I’m thrilled to have you here!

I want to congratulate you on picking up your copy of the “Your Perfect Man” book. You made the perfect investment in your happiness and entire life.

You’re in the right place. Our secure system is processing your order - and it’s not finished yet.

So make sure you stay on this page and don’t accidentally close it because it may cause errors to your order. And you may not be able to see this page again.

In a moment, I’ll tell you about one Special Surprise Bonus that I prepared for you.

It can help you let go of all the relationships that still keep you stuck.

And prepare a place for new, amazing relationships to come.

So stay with me because I’ll keep it brief and this is the only place where you can claim your bonus.

Before I get to the bonus I want to drive one point home.

You didn’t just buy a book . . .

You possibly saved yourself years of sadness, frustration and misery!

And I mean it.

The insights and the Perfect Partner Process I share with you in the “Your Perfect Man” saved me from committing suicide . . . or dying lonely.

Thanks to these insights, the last 8 years were the best of my life.

These same techniques have also helped tens of thousands of women worldwide. I’m receiving their success stories almost every day now.

  • I’m receiving messages from women who finally discovered that they can be happy, truly love themselves and are worthy of having an amazing life.
  • From women who found their perfect man and ended decades of painful loneliness or miserable relationships.
  • And I’m receiving messages from women whose partners almost miraculously changed without doing ANY inner work.

Here’s what fascinates me the most:

Many of these women have done 10 . . . 20 . . . or even 40 years of inner work. They bought relationship books and courses. They invested their hard-earned money in hours of relationship therapies and coaching sessions . . .

And despite their efforts, they felt “stuck” and couldn’t move forward . . .
until they found this book.

Back in the day, I was no different.

I spent 30 years and over 300,000 dollars on different books, courses and coaching sessions that didn’t change my life even a tiny bit.

So trust me, when I develop my own products, I do EVERYTHING I can so that you can experience a lasting shift in your life.

We’ve all had enough of products that make beautiful promises and leave us with nothing.

That’s why I put all my efforts into making sure my products are different.

And people who work with me, say that I ALWAYS over-deliver on my promises.

The same applies to “Your Perfect Man”.

The techniques I describe in this book were already a blockbuster when I first developed them 8 years ago.

But then, I spent the next 8 years making sure they’re as powerful as humanly possible . . . and so simple that anyone can use them. Thanks to this they’re simpler and . . .

More powerful now than ever before!

  • They have the power to break you free from the depths of misery
  • They have the power to show you that you too can be happy
  • That you are a beautiful being of love who is worth the amazing intimate relationship that you always wanted!

So one more time, I want to congratulate you on picking your copy today. I assure you that you have made one of the wisest investments in yourself.

But before you dive into it, I have something so important to share with you, I literally spent the last 2 days preparing this page for you.

Because . . .

I figured out an unusual way you can speed up your results with “Your Perfect Man” . . .

And achieve the breakthrough in your relationships much faster!

With it, you can:

  • Find and experience true love and have an amazing intimate relationships
  • Let go of the ghosts of your old relationships that still chase you and make you sad
  • Find peace after losing a loved one
  • Dissolve the toxic atmosphere between you and your kids, parents or friends
  • Change the atmosphere in your workplace - make your boss respect you and turn your co-workers into friendly and helpful people
  • Let go of anxiety and finally find peace, happiness, and the true meaning in life knowing that you’ve always been perfect and there is NOTHING wrong with you!

All that almost effortlessly. Yet with 100% certainty that you can achieve your breakthrough - even if nothing has worked for you before.

Let me show you how that’s possible.

You Can Achieve Amazing Results Faster

I mentioned on the previous page that I’m a professional musician. I really make use of my knowledge of how different sounds influence our brains.

That’s why among people who know me, I’m famous for my audio-processes.

These are the audio files that you can listen to whenever you want.

And when you do, special sounds make you relax and put your brain into a state, where it’s easy to access the unconscious levels of your mind.

All of that happens in the background, while I guide you through letting go of different harmful beliefs that sit deep in your mind.

These processes have nothing to do with affirmations, hypnosis or altered states of consciousness.

They’re WAY more simple and . . .

WAY more powerful than that!

For example, one of my most famous audio processes is called the Money Freedom Process.

This audio experience helps you deal with your deepest Spells that block you from having money.

There are thousands of people who have experienced this powerful process. Many of them got back to me saying that by simply listening, without doing anything else . . .

  • They have the power to break you free from the depths of misery
  • They have the power to show you that you too can be happy
  • That you are a beautiful being of love who is worth the amazing intimate relationship that you always wanted!

But since we are talking about your relationships here . . . 

I prepared an audio process specifically for you!

I call it the Relationship Release Process. It helps you let go of ANY relationship that keeps you stuck and find peace afterwards.

And by letting go of “the old,” it allows you to finally welcome the “new” . . .

The new, amazing, deep and lasting relationship with your perfect man - filled with love, appreciation and explosive intimacy!

  • This process can help you restart the relationship you have with your husband. It can help you let go of the old habits, thoughts and emotions that kept you two fighting all the time.
  • It can help you finally say goodbye to some old love you never got over.
  • It can improve your relationships with other people - and make them look at you with respect, friendliness and even appreciation.
  • It can even help you dissolve grief and find peace after losing the person you loved.

And the best thing is . . . 

It doesn’t require ANY additional effort from you!

All you have to do to make it work is just put your headphones on, lay down on your back . . . and play the Relationship Release Process.

Then, thanks to the different sounds and techniques like Ho’oponopono, binaural beats, tibetan singing bowls and my guidance . . . this process will do the “heavy lifting” for you . . .

While you’re lying relaxed, breathe consciously and listen to it.

That’s why I believe that the Relationship Release Process . . . 

Is the perfect addition to your book

Because with every time you listen to it - you become more liberated . . . more happy . . . and more loved.

Now, I said earlier that this is a Special Bonus for you. So here’s how it works:

The regular price of the Relationship Release Process is $122 but you won’t need to invest anything even remotely close to that to get it.

Because only today and only on this page, you can get the Relationship Release Process for a 64% discount.

This means, it’s yours today for just $44!

This is a one-time bonus offer that I’m making only on this page. If you close it, you will lose the chance to get this magical process for 64% off!

Now, you have two choices

You can skip this one-off bonus, yet if you’ll want to get the Relationship Release Process later, you will need to pay the full price of $122.

Or you can accept this one-off offer now, and get it for just $44!

So if you want to take advantage of this offer and get it for $44, just click this button, and we will automatically upgrade your order.