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Level 5 Mentoring is a proven approach that brings fast, deep and lasting breakthroughs to people who want to improve their lives.

Discover the Core Ideas of Level 5 Mentoring

Most people find this work after decades of frustrating exploration in self-help, Law of Attraction and other “spiritual approaches”. With Level 5, they finally get the results they were seeking. 

Brian D. Ridgway

This work was created in 2011 by Brian D. Ridgway - after a miraculous awakening that changed his entire life.

At that time, Brian had spent over 30 years studying self-help and spirituality. He did this because his life was a total train-wreck full of depression, broken relationships and financial disasters.

Despite spending over $300,000 on books, courses, events and various types of therapy sessions his life, was gradually getting worse. In January 2011, he lost all of his money and almost ended up on the street - with his pregnant wife and two small children. 

A Suicidal Man Makes a Life-Changing Discovery

Brian’s pain was unbearable. He failed his loved ones. He failed himself. And he couldn’t stand it. He was convinced that he was broken - because after 30 years of near-fanatical devotion to inner work, not only had he not changed his life, but he had also ruined his family.

The day before they were meant to land on the street, Brian wanted to end his life. At his lowest moment of suicidal hopelessness, he experienced an awakening that instantly ended his 46 years of hell on earth. What he gained in that awakening saved him and his family from ending up homeless and searching for food in dumpsters.

In just 67 days, this insight took him and his family out of the small trashy hotel room and catapulted him to Hawaii, where he lives to this very day with his kids and a loving partner.

Brian was so amazed and grateful for the miraculous change in his life, he created Level 5 Mentoring - a new approach to life that has helped over 156,354 people from 84 countries. From ordinary folks to homeless people, to multi-billionaires and celebrities - they have all achieved profound and lasting change in their lives.

Many of them spent 20 . . . 30 . . . and even 40 years studying self-help - yet only Level 5 truly liberated them from the “demons” of their past . . . and brought them lasting changes in their lives.

What is Level 5

Level 5 reminds you of your true nature and its consequences in your everyday life. It gives you the final step on your journey to total personal freedom in every area of your life. Some say that Level 5 ends what self-help started.

The meaning of the name Level 5 comes from the 5 stages of our mental and spiritual evolution.
Being on Level 5 means letting go of all of the illusions of ourselves and our reality . . . and living 100% in line with our true nature. Because this is the key to achieving true and lasting breakthroughs in our lives.

Here’s a slightly humorous description of all 5 levels of our mental and spiritual evolution. Which one are you in?

Level 1 - “I want food, money, sex and booze”
People living on the first level believe in the physical world and are driven by physical motivations. These people live purely to survive. They’re meatsuits in a machine - like cogs in a giant clock - and don’t even consider there’s anything beyond what they see and feel.

Living on this level is the hardest experience possible - because it’s in contradiction with our true nature. They’re in an endless race and never feel truly happy and fulfilled.

Level 2 - “I want food, money, sex and booze . . . and I use others to get it”
People on the second level are similar to the people from level 1. But they’re cleverer and believe in control, power and domination. They use other people to fulfill their goals and desires. They may seem successful on the outside but inside, they’re deeply hurt and unhappy.

Level 3 - “I want to go to heaven. I’m scared of breaking my God’s will”
On the third level, we have religious people. These people believe that there’s something more than just the physical world.

They believe in God and are following his/her rules so they can go to heaven or receive some other prize. Often, their main motivation is fear of punishment if they don’t fulfill their God’s will.

Despite believing in the spiritual world, these people are locked in false and harmful beliefs of “good and bad,” “right and wrong,” or “crime and punishment.” They follow strict rules that do nothing to help them deal with the real issues that make them unhappy or stuck.

In many cases, they’re made to believe that they’re worthless pieces of dust — which is totally opposite to who we really are.

Level 4 - “I’m spiritual. I’m beyond religion and I work on myself . . . and yet I still feel stuck. There must be something wrong with me.”
People on the fourth level are the ones who went beyond religion and discovered spirituality.

These people practice different techniques like affirmations, visualization or the Law of Attraction.

They meditate, they work on themselves and read lots of books. Yet, despite all of their knowledge and inner work, they still feel stuck and frustrated - because they don’t get what they want.

They usually achieve short-term relief and improvement . . . but after a few weeks everything gets back to “normal” - and they’re stuck again. That’s because, even though they think they’re beyond “meatsuits” and religions . . . they still have deep unresolved ideas, beliefs and feelings that keep them stuck.

They understand mentally the true nature of our reality - but they aren’t experiencing it in their lives. They still live in illusion and are missing a few core ideas that are critical to their liberation.

Brian lived on this level for over 30 years - and it nearly led him to killing himself.

Luckily, he found a way out - the 5th level.

Level 5 - “I’m One with everything that exists - and I’m experiencing it in my life”
People on Level 5 live in full agreement with our true nature. And they experience it every day.

If we’re all One . . . and if everything’s Energy . . . then how come this energy can be good or bad? How come this energy can be right or wrong? It can’t. It just is - and it’s infinitely perfect, just like that.

This energy creates everything - from the smallest particle to the biggest star. It puts everything in motion and gives life. It’s infinite. It’s unlimited.

And guess what?

You’re that energy, too! And if you consider that to be true . . . it means there’s nothing wrong with you - and there never was.

You’re infinitely perfect just as you are. You’re infinitely safe. You’re an infinite LOVE.

And if you’re not receiving what you want - it’s only because you’re still holding onto some deep unconscious thoughts, beliefs and ideas that come from all the previous levels.

What’s REALLY Holding You Back

  • You’re unworthy
  • You don’t deserve
  • You’re not good enough
  • Life’s hard and painful

  • Getting what you want comes with suffering

  • And so on

Over time, these ideas built up in your subconscious and they shaped your Spells - illusions that create a fake version of yourself - and your reality.

From that moment on - your Spells began controlling your entire life. For example, if you unconsciously believe you “don’t deserve”, as soon as you make more money, your Spells kick in.

They either make you feel bad about yourself . . . or they cause you to spend all your money on useless things . . . or they push you to do something stupid and lose all the money.

They may also affect other aspects of your life. They may push you to scream at your kids or have an argument with your partner.

Or, when you finally find a person you love and are attracted to, your Spells may push you to become desperate about losing that person. They may make you clingy and insecure - because deep down, you’ve experienced dozens - if not hundreds of events that convinced you that people always leave you.

Your Spells sit deep in your unconscious mind and create limits, barriers and everything else that holds you back. And none of the work you did up until now has been able to help you - because no one and nothing has told you about it . . . and shown you how to dissolve your Spells for good.

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