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former President and CEO of Tony Robbins’ “Business Breakthroughs Intl.”

“Everyone who has struggled with life's challenges - do not hesitate!”

“Within a week of finding these insights, I will never be the same again. Everyone who has struggled with life's challenges - do not hesitate. Listen to it and you’ll never look back.”

Becky Kratzer

“After investing over $500K in personal development over 40 years, I thought I knew it all. Within just a few minutes, Level 5 Mentoring helped me re-think everything I do. Amazing!"

Mike Sypsomos

What is Level 5 Mentoring

Level 5 Mentoring is a proven approach that brings fast, deep and lasting breakthroughs to people who want to improve their lives.

Brian D. Ridgway

Most people find this work after decades of frustrating exploration in self-help, Law of Attraction and other “spiritual approaches”. With Level 5, they finally get the results they were seeking. 

This work was created in 2011 by Brian D. Ridgway - after a miraculous awakening that changed his entire life. 

Discover the Core Ideas of Level 5 Mentoring

  1. 1
    You’re an Infinite Being of Energy. You created the entire universe and came to Earth disguised as a human being because you want to have experience. You’re One with everything that exists. You’re part of the Energy that creates everything. Therefore . . .
  2. 2
    It’s in your true nature that you’re Infinite - this means, among other things, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re always 100% perfect and safe. Everything that says otherwise, is a mere illusion you accepted throughout your life on Earth.
  3. 3
    The only thing that keeps you stuck and unhappy are hidden unconscious mechanisms that sit deep in your subconscious. These mechanisms are called Spells and they dictate your entire experience in life — until you dissolve them and become free.
  4. 4
    Conscious Breathing is the first key to making real, conscious change in your life. Without it, it is next to impossible to achieve permanent breakthroughs in your life and find real peace of mind.
  5. 5
    You are NOT attracting anything. You’re part of everything that is - just like your hand is a part of your body. And as you can’t attract your hand - because it’s already there . . . you can’t attract anything else. What you really do, is you let the universe REFLECT all your deepest thoughts, ideas, beliefs and emotions. And that’s how you shape your reality and experience.

Check Out Our Mind-Blowing Case Studies

Christie Appleton

Christie Appleton

Christie Appleton ended her 15-year drug addiction, lost 71 pounds and healed broken relationships with her 12- and 20-year-old daughters.

vee comstock

Vee Comstock

Vee Comstock got rid of compound PTSD in 2016 - and never had another episode again.

Kate Postma

Kate Potsma

Kate Potsma found relief to her severe back problems after 22 years of unsuccessful therapies.

Debbie Hasler

Debbie Hasler

Debbie Hasler manifested a wonderful man in just 12 days - after 29 years of living in broken relationships.

Justin Lachance

Justin Lachance

Justin Lachance got unstuck in his ability to earn money. Right after experiencing Level 5 ideas, he earned an unexpected $3,300 and received three phone calls from people who wanted to do business with him.

Jack Vidal

Jack Vidal

Jack Vidal doubled his business in just a few weeks after working with Level 5 Mentoring.

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