Your Step-By-Step Plan
To Getting What You Want

…So You Can Instantly Drop Your Problems For Good, Eliminate “Mental Blocks” That Hold You Back, And Finally Create The Life You Want…

Drop Confusion, Indecision And Stagnation…
Because This Fully Guided Program Shows You A New Way To Getting What You Want That Works Every Time You Use It

Get What You Want Accelerator Course

Get What You Want Accelerator Course

Get What You Want Accelerator

This program can help you…

  • Get a clear, step-by-step plan to getting what you want that works every time you use it
  • Discover how you’re unconsciously holding yourself back from living the life that you want
  • Discover how to overcome your financial, relationship, health, self-esteem, past trauma, and any other struggles
  • And much more!

Price:  $99

Product Facts

7 video modules where Brian shows you his proven process to getting what you want

Weekly assignments and daily actions designed to help you get fast results

Free access to Brian’s flagship course, “Living in Oneness: The Key to Getting What You Want” (Regular price: $444, yours for free!)

Access to a private social network where you can ask questions and get support and motivation to succeed with this program

Support of the Program Coordinator who makes sure you never get stuck and are reaching your goals with the program

No more confusion

Many people struggle to get what they want. They try different ways and methods but find that they don’t work. And so they become confused. This program is designed to break this cycle and show you a proven process to getting what you want that works every time you use it.

Simple and fast - works right from day 1

The core tools and processes in this program are designed to be as simple as possible… And bring you instant results without spendin hours trying to understand them… Or doing any complicated routines. That’s why you can see and feel a big difference in your life right from day 1.

A repeatable process

Whenever you’ll want something or if you get stuck, get back to this program, and it’ll help you move forward. It’s a repeatable process you can use for decades to ensure you never get back to your old life, old patterns and old frustrations again.

Thousands Of People Are Now Living Brand New Lives, Free From Traumas, Problems, And Beliefs That Were Holding Them Back

Amanda chat testimonial
Andrea Kass chat testimonial
I was blown away by Brian’s book

“After 30+ years in self-development and following a spiritual path, I was introduced to Brian's work. When I read his book for the first time (I've done 4 readings already), I was blown away. His work is the best that I've experienced.”

Dr. Sirena Pellarolo
Dr. Sirena Pellarolo
No words to express my gratitude to Brian

“For over 40 years I've been into personal development work, getting out some insights or tools, but never revolutionizing my mindset . . . until when I met Brian. Thanks to the hints and insights that come with the Level 5 course, I get more and more connected with the Source. Day by day, I'm becoming more of who I Am. No words to express my gratitude to Brian.”

Viviane Eeraerts
Viviane Eeraerts
I’ve learned more from Brian in a few days than in 30 years of studying self-help

“After 30 years of studying and applying self-help techniques, I can honestly tell you that most self-help guru's leave stuff out of their teachings (either on purpose or because they really just learned a flawed system themselves) but not Brian. I have learned more from him in a few days than I learned from all those other people combined.”

Doug Abney
Doug Abney
Brian leaves no stone unturned

“After over 30 years of being on the endless roller coaster of self-improvement tapes, books, courses, and continually getting to the "almost" . . . I found Brian and I am so happy I did. Brian leaves no stone unturned, and I have had quite a few breakthroughs from listening to his work.”

Obie Warren
Obie Warren
The most amazing thing that ever happened to me

“I first was exposed to Brian D Ridgway’s book, which connected with me. His work was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me in 30 years of self-help journey.”

Larry Moseley
Larry Moseley
After 40 years in personal development, I thought I knew it all . . .

“After investing over $500K in personal development for over 40 years, I thought I knew it all. Within just a few minutes, Brian helped me re-think everything I do. Amazing!”

Mike Sypsomos
Mike Sypsomos
Brian’s work may be the only one that’s really worth it

“I have been in the personal development arena for 30 years. It has been a painful and frustrating journey that cost me easily over $100,000. If you would do anything to attain your freedom, do yourself a favor and make an exception for Brian’s work, because it may be the only one that's really worth it.”

Jill Hendrickson
Jill Hendrickson
Brian’s the real deal!

“After well over 30 years of self-help books, I stumbled upon Brian and had the most amazing experience and felt so many things. If you’re wondering, “Is this for real?” . . . This is the real deal! Just open your mind.”

Misha Ichikawa
Misha Ichikawa

What is “Get What You Want Accelerator”?

In this guided video course, you’ll discover a new approach to getting what you want.

At the beginning of this program, you’ll choose up to three things you want to get. Then, you’ll receive tools and processes that help you get what you want.

In other words, they’ll give you instant results without complicated methods or routines.

You’ll also receive 7 video modules that walk you through this new approach to getting what you want.

They also answer your questions. They help you deal with your deeply rooted “mental blocks” that keep you stuck. And they help you get the best possible outcomes with your tools and processes.

This is the most complete video program on this topic Brian has ever created. It’s so in-depts that it’s almost as if you booked multiple live sessions with Brian.

“Get What You Want Accelerator” is Risk-Free

We want you to have the best possible experience with this program. We want you to use it to drop your frustrations and get what you want - everytime you want it. That’s why we’re giving you an opportunity to test this program and see how it works.

Simply order it now, go through the 7 video modules, apply Brian’s guidance and use the tools you’ll get.

If you do this and after 30 days are unhappy with your results, simply reach out to our kind, fast-acting customer support for an instant refund of your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for people who want a proven, simple and fast way that will help them start getting what they want.

How is this course going to help me change my life?

“Get What You Want Accelerator” is based on Brian’s experiences of working with over 200,000 people from all walks of life… And helping them get what they want.

Brian took all these insights and boiled down to simple tools and processes you’ll receive in this program. This cuts your time from starting to getting the first results to the absolute minimum.

That’s why some people see and feel a big change even right from day 1 of working with this program.

And you can do it too - because everything you’ll discover in it, has been proven to work for thousands of people like you.