For anyone looking to drop their problems for good and start getting what they want…

Permanently Shifts Your Identity…

…So You Can Instantly Drop Your Problems For Good,
Eliminate “Mental Blocks” That Hold You Back,
And Finally Create The Life You Want…

…So You Can Instantly Drop Your Problems For Good, Eliminate “Mental Blocks” That Hold You Back, And Finally Create The Life You Want…

Without Doing Any Hard Work
Or Spending Years Studying Different Methods

Your Ultimate Identity

8-Week Support Program

Your Ultimate Identity

Your Ultimate Identity

This program can help you…

  • End financial struggle so you can finally stop worrying about money
  • Banish health problems, lose weight, and enjoy great health, energy and vitality for decades to come
  • Conquer low self-esteem and become wildly successful
  • End relationship struggles so you can finally find true love, connection and support
  • Obliterate everything that brings you down and keeps you stuck, so that you can become FREE to be, do, and get whatever you want

Split pay (3x $295.00)

Price: $295

One-time payment

Price: $777

Product Facts

An 8-Week Video Masterclass With Practical Exercises
It shows you how your old identity impacts your life. It shows you how to replace it with the Ultimate Identity that is in line with what you want. And it shows you how get there fast and without effort

The “Your Ultimate Identity Creation Tool”
Your #1 resource in this program. Follow it for 10-15 minutes every day and watch how everything changes as you install a new identity in your subconscious mind

3 Audio Processes That Ingrain Your New Ultimate Identity In Your Mind
Simply listen to them every day and boost your transformation with the program

The "Cafeteria of Audio Processes”
A collection of Brian's famous audio processes. Whenever you feel like you'd like to enhance a certain aspect of your life, go to the "Cafeteria", choose the audio process and listen to it

Support of the Program Coordinator
Your Program Coordinator is your best friend in the program. She’s a highly empathetic person with a true gift for listening. She makes sure that you feel comfortable, can freely and safely express yourself and that you never get stuck… to guarantee your success with the program

A complete solution to shift your identity

“Your Ultimate Identity” is our most advanced support program that helps you shift your subconscious identity. By doing so, you ensure that your old problems, habits and patterns will go away for good… And never return to destroy your life.

Puts getting what you want on autopilot

When your identity is in line with your dreams, getting what you want is as easy as breathing. That’s because your entire being works WITH you to help you make your dreams come truer.

Installs a fresh identity of prosperity, health and happiness

“Your Ultimate Identity” reprograms your subconscious from undeserving, to be free to have whatever you want… From constantly worrying, to living in presence and controlling your emotions… And from sadness, desperation and fear - to love, abundance and peace.

Thousands Of People Are Now Living Brand New Lives, Free From Traumas, Problems, And Beliefs That Were Holding Them Back

I was blown away by Brian’s book

“After 30+ years in self-development and following a spiritual path, I was introduced to Brian's work. When I read his book for the first time (I've done 4 readings already), I was blown away. His work is the best that I've experienced.”

Dr. Sirena Pellarolo
Dr. Sirena Pellarolo
No words to express my gratitude to Brian

“For over 40 years I've been into personal development work, getting out some insights or tools, but never revolutionizing my mindset . . . until when I met Brian. Thanks to the hints and insights that come with the Level 5 course, I get more and more connected with the Source. Day by day, I'm becoming more of who I Am. No words to express my gratitude to Brian.”

Viviane Eeraerts
Viviane Eeraerts
I’ve learned more from Brian in a few days than in 30 years of studying self-help

“After 30 years of studying and applying self-help techniques, I can honestly tell you that most self-help guru's leave stuff out of their teachings (either on purpose or because they really just learned a flawed system themselves) but not Brian. I have learned more from him in a few days than I learned from all those other people combined.”

Doug Abney
Doug Abney
Brian leaves no stone unturned

“After over 30 years of being on the endless roller coaster of self-improvement tapes, books, courses, and continually getting to the "almost" . . . I found Brian and I am so happy I did. Brian leaves no stone unturned, and I have had quite a few breakthroughs from listening to his work.”

Obie Warren
Obie Warren
The most amazing thing that ever happened to me

“I first was exposed to Brian D Ridgway’s book, which connected with me. His work was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me in 30 years of self-help journey.”

Larry Moseley
Larry Moseley
After 40 years in personal development, I thought I knew it all . . .

“After investing over $500K in personal development for over 40 years, I thought I knew it all. Within just a few minutes, Brian helped me re-think everything I do. Amazing!”

Mike Sypsomos
Mike Sypsomos
Brian’s work may be the only one that’s really worth it

“I have been in the personal development arena for 30 years. It has been a painful and frustrating journey that cost me easily over $100,000. If you would do anything to attain your freedom, do yourself a favor and make an exception for Brian’s work, because it may be the only one that's really worth it.”

Jill Hendrickson
Jill Hendrickson
Brian’s the real deal!

“After well over 30 years of self-help books, I stumbled upon Brian and had the most amazing experience and felt so many things. If you’re wondering, “Is this for real?” . . . This is the real deal! Just open your mind.”

Misha Ichikawa
Misha Ichikawa

What Is “Your Ultimate Identity” 8-Week Support Program?

“Your Ultimate Identity” is the most advanced support program we currently offer. It includes 8 weekly video lessons along with tools and audio processes that help you permanently shift your identity.

Plus, it includes access to a support group where our Program Coordinator answers your questions and ensures you stay on track…

To guarantee your success with this program.

The Ultimate Shift You Have To Make
In Order To Succeed In Every Area Of Your Life

“Your Ultimate Identity” is based on Brian’s most profound discovery that ended the three decades of struggle… And allowed him to finally reinvent his life.

We created this program after receiving countless messages from our customers saying that they’ve been living in an endless “loop of doom”...

Where their life would improve for a while… only to return back to “normal” - making them feel even worse.

They’d let go of some of their problems… thinking they finally freed themselves…

Yet these problems would strike back at them, making them more miserable than ever before.

And if you can relate to this then in a moment, you’ll know exactly why it happens…

And how you can free yourself from this “loop of doom” once and for all…

Because this is exactly what Brian did 11 years ago for himself… and for over 200,000 people ever since.

This Ends Your Problems Instantly

It happened in 2011, when after over three decades of living a total trainwreck of a life… Brian went from suicidal, homeless, and utterly depressed…

To living in Hawaii in peace, abundance and happiness… And never having to deal with his old problems again.

He’s been telling this story since then to inspire others… and to show what we all can achieve with the right tools and guidance… no matter who we are or how tragic our lives may seem to us.

However, Brian never told the story that made this awakening moment possible.

You see, a day before that incredible change in Brian’s life, he did something that unlocked this breakthrough for him…

He Permanently Shifted His Identity

A person he knew gave him an unexpected call and told him things that influenced him so much - they instantly reprogrammed his subconscious mind…

Which changed his entire life in just 1 day.

Brian didn’t know it back then, but later, he realized that at that moment, he shifted his subconscious identity…

Which laid the foundation for his amazing new life.

  • And so, he instantly reprogrammed his subconscious mind from undeserving, to being free to have whatever he wants…
  • From constantly worrying, to living in presence and controlling my emotions…
  • From sadness, desperation and fear - to love, abundance and peace…

All from one phone conversation.

This, and this only, allowed Brian to FINALLY transform his life after 30 years of agonizing failures…

And he didn’t need to wait long for the change to happen in his life…

  • The next day, he wiped out suicidal thoughts from his mind, found a 6-figure job and never struggled with money ever since…

  • 12 days after that, he was on an all-expense paid business cruise to the Bahamas as a marketing director of an international company…

  • 67 days later, he moved to Hawaii where he’s living happily till this very day… and he never had to face his old problems… habits… frustrations… and worries again

  • 11 years after that, he has helped over 200,000 people repeat his awakening moment, and break free from their problems for good by shifting their identities…

And he’ll help you do the same in the “Your Ultimate Identity” support program.

“Your Ultimate Identity” is Risk-Free

Brian has been doing this for people like you for the last 11 years, that’s why we KNOW for a fact that everything you get in this program works… And we have thousands of success stories to support this claim.

That’s why we know this program will work for you too…

And the only way it will work for you is that you follow the program, use the tools and processes following our recommendations… and use the private chat to answer questions and get our feedback.

If you do this and after 8 weeks when you complete the program see no result, simply reach out to our friendly customer support to get a refund of the full amount…

Because we’re not here to just take your money - we’re here to help you create the incredible life you always dreamed of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

“Your Ultimate Identity” is the most advanced support program we offer, apart from our live programs and 1on1 sessions with Brian. It’s for people who are ready to completely reinvent their lives for good, without cutting corners and leaving no stone unturned.

How is this book going to help me change my life?

“Your Ultimate Identity” focuses on helping you make the biggest, most important shift in your life - to change your subconscious identity.

Your identity designs your entire experience in life. It controls your emotions… reactions… and thoughts in every situation.

So if your identity limits you, you’ll never get what you want… until you shift it and have your mind finally work for you - not against you.

And that’s what you’ll achieve with this program. It will help you install a fresh identity of success, prosperity, health, and happiness… That helps you get what you want.