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Thanks for your purchase of the “Get Your True Self BACK!  - The 5 Keys to Getting What You Want” Book

About Your Book

I first launched it in 2016 under the title “Break Your Self-Help Addiction”.

That’s because I wanted this book to speak to people like me — who spent years in self-help and still struggled in life.

And I guess I did a great job because this book became an almost overnight bestseller with 300+ five-star reviews on Amazon.

But during these 6 years after releasing it, I realized two things:

First, I found that this book appealed to much more people and helped them on many different levels.

It helped people solve all kinds of problems related to their relationships, money, health, self-esteem and many others.

Second, I realized that the title “Break Your Self-Help Addiction” was limiting the book’s ability to help people.

Because not everyone considers themselves a “self-help addict”... yet they all can benefit from reading this book.

That’s why I decided to promote this book with the title “Get Your True Self BACK! - The 5 Keys to Getting What You Want” — because it perfectly reflects the book’s content.

The book you receive is still called “Break Your Self-Help Addiction”. The content is Get Your True Self BACK!

Follow it — and you’ll start getting what you want — even if nothing worked before.

That’s my promise to you.

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